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  • 10-09_6-animated_U.S._Flag (153K)                    10-09_6-animated_U.S._Flag (153K)
    Artesia, California
    Wood craftsman scale structure kits since 1972

    All kits and all components are made in the U.S.A.

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    JV Models is the parent company,  manufacturer and distributor for fine, wood, craftsman, model railroad kits sold under the brand names of JV Models, John Rendall Scale Models and Suncoast Models. We manufacture kits in N, HO and O scales.

    Company Profile

    It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We agree. It is probable that when you open a box of many parts and pieces, there is no beauty to see. However, it is the finished product that really counts. We believe that our kits make fine looking true-to-scale models for THE CRAFTSMAN MODEL BUILDER.

    We realize that there are many (if not most) model railroaders who will not even try to build our kits because they are "too difficult" and "take too much time." We believe that anything worthwhile will take time! Our kits are a little tough to build,


    We believe that there are model railroaders who would rather BUILD instead of just ASSEMBLE.

    After you have built our kits the next step is pure scratch building, an art all in itself. Some of our kits are as close to scratch building as you can get!

    If, at present, you do not think of yourself as a "craftsman," you will after constructing some of our kits!

    Our lines of structure kits are available from some selected hobby shops which we urge you to support with your model railroad purchases.

    If your favorite hobby shop does not carry our lines of "Craftsman Type" kits, you may order directly from us. Enjoy browsing our web-catalog.


    Send mail to info-sales@jvmodels.biz with questions or comments about this web site.